For thousands of years, the dog has been man's most loyal friend. From the demands of living in the wild to the necessity of living in an apartment, from the role of the hunter and guard to a seat on the settee and being a happy companion, our four-footed friends have proven their steady and instinctive devotion to us.

So, in the same way, that we offer endless love and attention to those who mean so much to us, we at Kyon strongly believe that we can and must give back the same love and devotion to our dogs, whom we have the great luck to share our lives with.

Strongly believing in the value and long-term benefits of a natural, handmade, high quality diet for our dogs, we daily prepare and bake treats made from 100% human grade ingredients.

In our open and certified workshop in Athens, we create, using the finest ingredients Greek nature has to offer, tempting flavours for our beloved friends and package them in beautifully designed, recyclable glass jars which are sent all over the world.


We have six gourmet combinations of ingredients that are available throughout the year. We also offer seasonal choices which use fresh seasonal ingredients. The most natural ingredients and superfoods are combined into a taste experience that may even tempt you to steal a few biscuits from your dog's jar.

Our journey is still at its beginning. We are always searching for new ingredients and experimenting with new combinations so that we can offer even more choices to our faithful friends. Our dogs deserve the best, and Kyon is here to help you offer it to them.